Khiva trading co.

During the VII century AD in the desert lands of Khwarezm, Asian region situated between Persia and the present Russia, arose a small fortified settlement.

As it was built just on the Silk Road, it became quickly an important trade post for all the travelers of those routes. There, they could take a shelter, escaping from the sand storms, from the thirst or from the raider tribes that were used to roam in those steppes.

The town grew in fame and fortune becoming in 1515 the capital city of a Kingdom. For more than two centuries this reign could enjoy wealth and renown that the Silk Road ensured to it. That Kingdom was called Khanate of Khiva and that city Khiva.

Thanks to the History, we could not only choose the name of our Trading co., but we also have been inspired for what concern our goal: continue to be that connection point between Occident and Orient.

Nowadays the world is globalize, information goes at lightning speed, people and goods travel just as plainly, there is no more deserts or bandits to be afraid of. But not for these reasons it is easily. Especially in these years of economic crisis, some investments or some paths still represent a risk, as in the past was a risk pass thorough those lands. So we believe that, then and now, is important share experience, knowledge and resources.


Business Plan

Khiva is composed by an heterogeneous staff that comes from different sectors and fields. Thanks to that, our company is able to take care of the production and research of goods made in China and, on the other hand, the import and distribution in China of products made in EU.

In a crisis moment as the one we are living now, it is essential for every company, and not only for the biggest ones, expands its own horizons to obtain important assets such as reduce the production costs or enter in new markets.

Not only multinational should have this chance but also every enterprise should be able to do this, even though it has few resources.

Therefor our purpose is to give the chance to small and middle firms to approach the Orient.




  • Market research
  • Suppliers research and qualification
  • Identification of potential business partners
  • Guarantor and mediator between supplier and customer
  • Production management and control
  • Quality control and logistic back up
  • Purchasing and shipment
  • Trade fair organization and visit
  • Stock goods with or without customs clearance
  • Trademark registrations and patents
  • Translations
  • Plastic stamping on our own behalf